Half Way to Heaven I.

The fascinating colours created by the sunshine which filters through the clouds, inspired the „Half way to Heaven”series.The veiled silver, purple and perlescent white shades which can not be compared with anything else, faithfully perceive what an experience is to look up the sky above the clouds and feel that freedom, which can not be created —- beyond the beauty of nature—-only by works of art that reflect it. Looking at the painting we experience that liberated, light, hopeful harmony which is unalterably the property of yong love. The slightly cool color scheme complemented by whitish pearl shades creates that fresh atmosphere which exudes a reassuring sense of faith in the future.

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Style: Abstract, Contemporary, Modernism
Color: Purple, Silver, White
Size and orientation: 60x60, Medium
Medium: Mixed Media
Artist: Bernadett Lesz-Müllek