Black and Gold

The dark background both symbolizes the pitch-dark Arabian nights and the loneliness and fear one experiences in the life when stepping out of the comfort zone like members of a caravan to explore new territories. The vibrant gold shades represent the faith in the future and the human relationships that make the journey called life lighter and brighter.

The painting of Black and Gold was inspired by a night in the desert observing the smouldering wood particles flying around the bonfire. There is nothing as dark as the night in the lonely desert and there is nothing as bright and heart-warming as a bonfire and a cup of Arabic coffee.

Price range: $1001 - $1500
Style: Abstract, Contemporary, Modernism
Color: Black, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Metallic, White
Size and orientation: 90x120, Horizontal, Large
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Artist: Bernadett Lesz-Müllek
Painting is on exhibition