As an interior designer, you certainly have to choose from artworks in the course of your profession, to find the most suitable one for a given space. This is not an easy task since a lot of things have to fit. I would like to make your job easier. Tell me exactly to where, and for who you intend the artwork, and I paint what you imagined. This way it will definitely look great in the interior and it is guaranteed to be unique!

I founded the independent contemporary art studio Lesz-Müllek Art in 2019 in the Middle East to give bigger publicity to my artworks. My business relocated to Budapest in 2021, and my paintings became available in Hungary as well.

I feel that my mission is to bring fine arts closer to the public. First of all, my paintings are for people with refined taste who are interested in modern arts and want to individualize and personalize the space around them. Being a decorator, you surely know how important it is for an artwork to perfectly fit into an interior and remain exclusively unique at the same time. This harmony will convert the apartment a real home, the barren study a cozy meeting room.

I like to make experiments, and play with colors. I always look for harmony, and balance. I try to achieve this in all parts of my life. I believe that a perfectly fitting painting is the soul of a given room, and it fills it with life. That’s why I don’t have two identical works, as I create them with careful, unique design. If you choose a painting, you certainly won’t find the same in any other interior. This can guarantee satisfaction to my customers. My artworks show the characteristics of different styles as I create them by filtering the perceptions and thoughts of their future owners and taking into account their needs.

I’m sure you’ll find the style, and composition you’ve dreamed of in my diverse portfolio. Don’t hesitate if you like any of my existing paintings and believe that it would look great in a space you decorate. Also it could be difficult to find the perfectly matching work as it might be not yet painted. Therefore I recommend to live with the opportunity and request a unique artwork that will shine and fill the space. Let’s find out together what would be the best for your client! You may also order a painting similar to a previously sold one. This can even be an exciting journey, as I can tailor it to your needs and reflect your ideas.

When ordering a unique painting, the process always starts with a personal consultation, where you can tell me where you want to place it, who lives there, what style of home or office it is. We’ll look at the options and work together to figure out what would be the most appropriate style, theme, size, color and scheme.

The unique paintings will surely fit perfectly into the style of the interior.

In each case, we consult personally, so I get to know your ideas as accurately as possible.

You can save time and energy, you don’t have to search for days, weeks, and don’t have to visit a lot of galleries.

If you need more artworks of similar style, you can get them in one place.

In case of our cooperation, I will provide a share of the sales.

Contact me for your special offer