Lesz-Müllek Art is an independent Art Studio established in 2019 in Middle East (Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) by Hungarian artist Bernadett Lesz-Müllek to promote self-painted contemporary artworks. Since the artist and the studio have been represented in various art shows and exhibitions in the GCC region. Bernadett plans to open her second Art Studio in Central Europe (Budapest, Hungary) in 2020.

The key mission of Lesz-Müllek Art is to bring fine arts closer to the public. The paintings offered by the artist are for people with a refined taste for modern arts who would like to personalize the surrounding spaces and give them an artistic touch. There are no two identical artworks, each of the paintings is uniquely designed and created with care by Bernadett. Custom orders are made in collaboration with the customers, tailored to individual requirements, and the final artworks represent a blended perception that was based on the imagination of the user filtered by the artist.

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Artist Bio

“For me painting is a way of self-expression; in an artistic dimension my feelings become alive to be replicated on the canvas.”

Bernadett showed great affection towards visual arts early, demonstrated by taking drawing and painting classes from recognized Hungarian artists since the age of six. From her teenage years, Bernadett’s paintings are presented in local contemporary art exhibitions, often with awards.

Academic Education

The love for European arts has guided Bernadett’s decision to apply to the Faculty of Humanities in Peter Pazmany Catholic University, where in 2011 she earned her first MA degree in Marketing and Communications. The following year Bernadett obtained her second MA degree in Art History. In 2016 from Rome Business School she got a third Master’s degree, this time in Arts and Culture Management. In the same year she also received certification in Business Administration from Manhattan Institute of Management.

Professional Career

Bernadett started working as an Art Consultant with the Ministry of National Resources, Hungary, in 2012 where she was responsible for cultural heritage protection in the Carpathian Basin. In the same year she took an assignment with the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Berlin, Germany promoting Hungarian art and cultural events. Since 2013, Bernadett has often resided in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to be with her husband. Since that time her focus has fully turned towards painting.

Artistic Style and Technique

Bernadett predominantly paints abstracts using acrylic and mixed techniques. She often experiments with new methods, which when combined with carefully selected colours can create stunning results. Her art can be characterized as a contrast of light and shadow, where her aim is to project the inner self in order to discover a balance and passage between imagination and reality. This is achieved with complementing colours and tones. Similar to the followers of the early 20th century art movements, Bernadett uses unconventional techniques, where the various physical dimensions are replaced with geometric planes. Bernadett’s paintings endeavour to reflect hope, freedom, and the joy of life, and her aspiration is to involve and enchant the observer with positivity and uplift.

Bernadett blends different artistic techniques and uses a wide range of high-quality media including oil and acrylic paints, media and alcohol inks, two component resins, and self-made art materials.