Manhattan is a reflection to the artists’ memories living in West Village that is a popular neighbourhood within the art loving community. Due to the high number of contemporary and fine art galleries, the Village bridges between artists and collectors the same way the district connects the financial and the cultural worlds. The Hudson’s surface on the painting acts as the horizon and separates the continuous human challenges and struggles from our aspiring dreams and hidden desires. The skyline’s reflection on the water in the rainy weather symbolizes the imaginary line between failure and success that only exists in our mind.

The painting blends different styles. The upper part visualizes well-defined shapes and structures positioned above the line that asymmetrically splits the artwork into two sections. The bottom segment is in contrast as it uses sophisticated tones and transitions. The artist relies on the various shades of blues (cobalt blue, royal blue, turquoise, etc.) spiced with silver, platinum, and different metallic tinctures of black.

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Style: Abstract, Contemporary, Landscape, Modernism
Color: Blue, Pink, Silver, Turquoise, Yellow
Size and orientation: 100x100, Large, Square
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Artist: Bernadett Lesz-Müllek
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