Autumn Whisper II.

Similar to the first part of the serie in this picture we can also admire the crown of the autumn forest, dressed in festive colours providing safety as it closes together like a dome  above our head. The sunny, cheerful orange, lemon yellow, rusty brown and red shades of colour recall as the warm autumn rays of sunlight glimmer through the leaves. At the same time among the warm  shades green colour—appearing as a complement—sharpens the contrast transmitted by the lines. It shows sensually that the summer has ended only just now. Not all of the leaves are yellowed, the decline does not dominate above all.The life is indeed still present.

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Style: Abstract, Contemporary, Modernism
Color: Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow
Size and orientation: 50x70, Medium, Vertical
Medium: Mixed Media
Artist: Bernadett Lesz-Müllek