Thank you for the enthralling piece of art that decorates my office, exactly what I was searching for many years. I love the harmony of the beige and the pearl that gives the painting comforting yet powerful character.

Beatrix, Budapest

I was already familiar with Bernadett’s art when I asked her to create a painting that matches the interior of my living room in character and mood. I was surprised learning how perfectly Secret Lagoon fit to my neomodern Scandinavian furniture in style and elegance. Since the painting is the center piece of the room and discussions during gatherings; all my friends and guests immediately notice it.

István, Budapest

We associate similar thoughts and feelings to Manhattan with the artist. Whenever I look at the painting hanging on the wall over the fireplace, I travel to the city where I spent memorable moments. The colour tones go well with the classical furniture in the saloon.

Charlie, Dammam