I’m Bernadett and welcome to my blog. 🙂

It is not my intention to weary you with my personal data as you find such information in the Artist Bio together with answers for common questions like ‘who am I’, ‘what did I study’ or ‘where I lived before’; instead I would like introduce myself from another perspective. If I am asked to summarize my personality in one statement, I would say that art is my life. I love EVERYTHING that can trigger a visual impression; I’m in love with the antique frescos, gothique rosaces, vibrant impressionist and abstract paintings, stunning vivid photographs and minimalist monochrome prints. For me each artwork represents a frozen moment of an era that comprises feelings, dreams and desires; thus making art a common language between the artist and the observer and the superior form of human self-expression.

Atelier Blog was created with the purpose to personalize this webpage and enhance the visitor experience. The word ‘atelier’ means studio or workshop, and is a dedicated space where plans materialize, dreams come true and stunning artworks are shaped. An atelier is the melting pot of cultures, views and trends; it is the room for meditation, longing, discussions and creation. Atelier is the place of wonders where many factors need to meet for one astonishing outcome.

I choose this platform to give the visitor an insight to the art industry and its latest trends. Soon, I start a session about investing in arts and the economics driving the market. Later the blog will explore the various topics related to the collection of artifacts. At the same time, I plan to share regular updates regarding my artworks in preparation and the upcoming exhibitions. I will also start a series of posts covering numerous subjects, including tips and tricks, interior design and the placing of artworks, decorating and space planning, art and personality, etc.

According to my plans, you find a new post here in every 2-4 weeks. I am looking forward to receive your suggestions and valuable comments.